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Aubrey Watkins
Retired Married 5
God is Good. Iam so grateful to be alive.I cherish the memories and eperiences at Lincoln- would not trade them for nothing. I look forward to seeing my classmates - it's a blessing. Send Aubrey a MessageSend Aubrey a Message
J(ames) Paul Stephens
Performing Arts Married 3
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Jesse McFarland
Retired Divorced 3
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Joseph Williams, Jr.
Profile picture
Insurance Agent Married 2
In May 2018, we will recall""Hey Prep"!, "I got mine ..You got yours to get!"," Hatup!", Sissy'runs, Ma Renwick, Dallas, Food Fair, Benny-BoHo, One more cut Mr Williams, you will be eligible for the draft, "TTSOD",  Bawanna, Bullwinkle, Chay Town, Bhmore, Rags, Beaver, Ox, Weasel, Mom's Waring, Dr. Hamilton, Sam Anderson, The great Canteen Raid, Liquor Lucas, Rudd's exams, "the Debs", Bullet Head Mcfarland, Penn Relays, Chior's trip to Bennett, the Boomer, and lest we for get, CHARLIE SPAIN'S ODE TO THE NICKEL.  Class mates you want to come back because if you are not there, I promise I will talk about you like dog....  Joe 
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Morris Fried
retired Married 3
After almost giving up hope of grandchildren, Sharon and I welcomed two new baby granddaughters this year, Lily Bea and Kiera Eve.  We're still in Texas but with three children and two grandchildren on the east coast, we're thinking of moving back, possibly to New Jersey. Send Morris a MessageSend Morris a Message
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